Inglés Corporativo – Corporate English

For your company specific purposes. Technical and scientific English, English for professionals and for occupations.

We offer you English for:

 Accounting  Agriculture
 Air Force  Architecture
 Art & Design  Banking
 Beauty Salon  Business English
 Call Centres  Civil Aviation
 Command & Control  Computing
 Construction I – Buildings  Construction II – Roads & Highways
 Cooking  Electrician
 Electronics  Engineering
 Environmental Engineering  Environmental Science
 Finance  Flight Attendant
 Food Service Industries  Hotels & Catering
 Information Technology  Law
 Logistics  Management I
 Management II  Mechanics
 Medical  Merchant Navy
 Navy  Nursing
 Petroleum I  Petroleum II
 Plumbing  Police
 Secretarial  Software Engineering
 Sports  Taxi Drivers


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