In Trujillo, Peru. Businessman gave him $ 2,000 and promised to set up a computer room in the child’s school.

Reward. Moved by the story of the Trujillo child who studied in the street under an electric lighting pole because his house did not have the electricity service, the Arab businessman Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, from the Kingdom of Bahrain, moved heaven and earth to meet the child.

And after waiting for almost a month, the businessman met with Víctor Martín Angulo Córdova, who has become an example to follow when a desire to get ahead to overcome adversity is enough.

Finding the child was not an easy task. Yaqoob’s lawyer had to perform go through several paperwork procedures before knowing his whereabouts. He consulted with the Ministry of Education of Peru, without success. Then he communicated with municipalities and schools until he managed to contact the principal of the educational institution Ramiro Ñique de Moche, in which Víctor Martín studies.

After that, the foreign philanthropist had to wait ten days for a passport that would allow him to enter Peruvian territory and travel to the district of Moche in Trujillo, where he was greeted with great excitement by the students of the Ramiro Ñique de Moche school.

After visiting the facilities of the educational center and knowing their shortcomings, he visited the humble home of the little Trujillo, with whom he shared several emotional moments, including lying on the path where the child was caught by the security camera when he made his homework.

The foreigner offered to build a house for the child and a business for his mother, in addition, to implement a computer room in his school, even gave him $ 2,000 and played football with the child.

Also, it was said that the businessman will return in December to visit Victor’s new house, and share a lunch with him and his family. The Arab’s visit was recorded by the RPP News cameras.